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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Jun 27, 2019

I have worked with some major clients such as Target, Neiman Marcus, Slack, Starbucks, Holiday Inn, and more. The list goes on over my 10 years of consulting. But how did I get these clients? And more importantly, how the heck can you get those types of clients? In this week’s episode, I am going to share my secrets!

Yes, that’s right, today I am going to share my three secrets on how I landed my first Fortune 500 clients.  Before you start thinking that you couldn’t ever land high profile clients because they’ll never listen to you, let’s make this clear: they're not on some ivory tower, they are not unreachable. If you desire these types of clients, you can.  I will share what worked for me. And maybe, more importantly, it'll help you land Fortune 500 clients too.

In this episode, I’ll cover these topics:

  • What is a Fortune 500 company, anyway?
  • Creating a super hyper-niche and bringing it to Fortune 500 companies
  • The importance of starting small and what I mean by that
  • Being ready when opportunity knocks
  • The three pillars of revenue

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