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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Nov 7, 2019

We should all have one for our business and/or brand as they help you anchor your value, map out where you want to go and provide the route to a higher value in the marketplace.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to create your own! I believe all brands should have a product ladder. Wondering what a product ladder strategy even is? Don’t Worry! I cover that too! 

On this episode of The Pricing is Positioning Podcast, I want to share with you my overall product ladder strategy, where I have been struggling and how you can create your own! Tune in!

In this episode I discuss: 

  • What a product ladder is 
  • My own personal product ladder
  • Ways you can implement your own product ladder into your business
  • Mistakes to avoid when implementing a product ladder strategy


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