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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Dec 12, 2019

Every consultant, freelancer, or personal brand can become a better speaker by attending the SCORRE Conference with Ken Davis because of 3 benefits I share on this week's podcast. I recently participated in Ken Davis's SCORRE Conference in Nashville, TN…November 4th through 7th. I had heard of Ken Davis for many years and have always wanted to attend, but just never had the chance. If you don't know Ken, he is a really neat guy. He is an author, speaker, coach, and I highly recommend his book Fully Alive as well as Secrets of Dynamic Communication. 

If you're like me, you're probably impressed by a great speaker that can hold a crowd and come across all cool, collected, and in control. At least that's what I think, and I am always watching and learning from those on the stage as I want to be a better speaker as I know many of you do too. But the truth is no matter how prepared or how many times I have done a presentation, and I still get nervous, think I sound like an idiot and hate watching replays of my talks. I "um" and "uh" way too much and not polished at all, far from being a professional speaker. I also know that speaking can be a big part of your brand and business, not for the money but for the exposure and getting your ideas out in the world. You must be able to communicate effectively from the boardroom to the podcast! 

Join me as I share the 3 benefits of attending SCORRE and how you can become a better speaker too.

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