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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Feb 11, 2021

If you're like me, you feel this last year has been let's say…..“CHAOTIC!” 


Whether it be in our own lives, business and most certainly politically and all the challenges of COVID-19.  


When chaos strikes and smacks you in the face, what are some specific steps to help you?


I often wonder and struggle with this myself, and this week I have Marianne Renner, a highly sought-after Leadership Coach, trainer and keynote speaker on the show to help us with this.


She has inspired thousands of leaders to move from chaos to clarity and become all they were meant to become. 


Marianne is the author of the Chaos to Clarity Success Journal, aimed at helping leaders build the confidence and courage to make their wildest dreams come alive. 


She has helped thousands of leaders across the U.S. overcome fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. Her live coaching and training programs teach practical tools for navigating through change, building strong relationships and changing mental narratives that hold you back.


Marianne understands the importance of setting goals and having a clear plan to reach those goals. She has owned two businesses. 


She was a bodybuilding champion and highly sought-after fitness instructor, having led two youth dance teams to win Gold Medals in the National Junior Olympics.


Marianne holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.


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