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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Aug 18, 2022

In today’s episode of Your Business Marketing Breakthrough, Joseph explains how you can break free from this vicious cycle through “an offer that converts” – a compelling offer that converts prospective shoppers into buyers – and can be the difference between a highly profitable business and one that suffers.

By focusing on crafting a valuable offer tailored to his core audience, Joseph was able to grow his business to six figures within just 90 days.

Here are the top takeaways from today’s episode:

  • 6:00 – How to direct cold and warm leads to your website
  • 7:48 – The importance of a landing page to build a lead magnet
  • 11:04 – How a business breakthrough blueprint can help build your business
  • 14:57 – How to differentiate yourself in a crowded market
  • 17:55 – How to drive free traffic to your site using social media platforms
  • 27:53 – Go beyond the boost with your profile account and business page
  • 40:50 – Advice for paid traffic considerations
  • 42:25 – How to focus on one product to optimize

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