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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Feb 21, 2019

This week I am excited to bring you my first podcast interview with guest Blair Enns, Founder, of Win Without Pitching and author of Pricing Creativity: A Guide To Profit Beyond The Billable HourIf Blair’s name sounds familiar to you, it may be because I’ve talked about him in some of my past episodes. I'm just so honored that he was able to be my first guest because he is an inspiration to me and the work I do. In fact, his book, Pricing Creativity, was the inspiration for the name of this podcast!

In addition to being an author and entrepreneur, Blair co-hosts the podcast 2Bobs, Conversations On The Art of Creative Entrepreneurship, with David C. Baker. He also lectures throughout the world on how creative professionals can win more business at higher prices and lower cost of sale. Sound familiar? In this episode, Blair and I discuss value-based pricing, including the purpose and benefit of using this pricing strategy. Plus, we talk about some ways to implement value-based pricing in your business.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How and why Blair decided to scale his business and his strategy behind the pricing of his products and services

  • His endeavor into learning about value-based pricing and applying the methods he learned to his own business and clientele

  • Blair describes the three main pricing options

  • What value-based pricing is and how to implement it in your business

  • The purpose of value-based pricing

  • The importance of being client-centric and not focused on your solutions.

Connect with Blair:

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Pricing Creativity: A Guide To Profit Beyond The Billable Hour

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2Bobs Podcast With David C Baker and Blair Enns

2-Day Win Without Pitching Workshop April 15th-16th, Chicago, IL

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Connect with Paul:

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