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The Creator Revolution: Business Strategies For Creative Entrepreneurs

Feb 7, 2019

When talking with potential clients about pricing for their brand or business, many ask me, “So, Paul, you talk about value ladders a lot. What is a value ladder, exactly?”  Well, in this week’s episode I am going to answer that question and by the end, you’ll know what a value ladder is and how to use one in your business. Plus, I will share with you priming, how to prime for higher rates, and anchoring, which ties everything all together for grading the value ladder.

In this episode, I’ll cover these topics:

  • Creating a value ladder of products and prices so prospects engage with you, onboard, and ramp up from there
  • How creating a value ladder allows you to take a holistic look at your pricing
  • Some real-world uses for value and product ladders
  • Being upfront about pricing helps weed out those that can’t afford you (and why that’s okay)
  • Placement of products on the value ladder
  • Priming for the purpose of producing higher rates and how anchoring ties into it all

Resources and links referenced:

The Business of Consulting Workshop - Los Angeles

The Business of Consulting Workshop - Sacramento

The Product Pricing Roadmap


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